Fuller Family of Sussex

Henry Hoare [Parents] was born on 17 Sep 1784. He died on 18 Sep 1836. He married Charlotte Dering on 20 Feb 1808.

Charlotte Dering.Charlotte married Henry Hoare on 20 Feb 1808.

They had the following children:

  F i Anne Hoare died on 17 Jan 1872.

Graffin Prankard [Parents] was buried on 4 Jul 1756 in Quaker Cemetery, Redcliffe, Bristol. He married Sarah Alloway.


Sarah Alloway [Parents] died on 6 Sep 1761. She married Graffin Prankard.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Prankard was born on 9 Mar 1719. She died in 1766.
  F ii Hannah Prankard was born on 14 Jan 1722.

Col Peter Beckford [Parents] was born in 1644. He died in 1710. He married Bridget Beeston.

Other marriages:
Ballard, Anne


Bridget Beeston died in 1691. She married Col Peter Beckford.

They had the following children:

  M i Speaker Peter Beckford was born in 1673. He died in 1735.
  F ii Priscilla Beckford was born in 1675. She died in 1692.
  M iii Charles Beckford was born in 1677. He died in 1677.
  F iv Elizabeth Beckford was born in 1678. She died in 1692.
  M v Thomas Beckford was born in 1682. He died in 1731.

Richard Vickris.

He had the following children:

  F i Sarah Vickris was born on 24 Jun 1690. She died in 1718.

Field Marshall Sir Stapleton Stapleton-Cotton 1st Viscount Combermere of Bhurtpore [Parents] was born on 14 Nov 1773 in Combermere, Cheshire. He died on 21 Feb 1865. He married Lady Anna Maria Clinton on 1 Jan 1801.

Other marriages:
Greville, Caroline


Lady Anna Maria Clinton [Parents] died on 31 May 1807. She married Field Marshall Sir Stapleton Stapleton-Cotton 1st Viscount Combermere of Bhurtpore on 1 Jan 1801.

Harold Weller Bridger [Parents] was born on 6 Oct 1876. He married Ida Dawson.


Ida Dawson.Ida married Harold Weller Bridger.

Robert Coston Taylor.Robert married Cynthia Helen Acland in 1953.

Cynthia Helen Acland [Parents] was born in 1928. She married Robert Coston Taylor in 1953.

Peter Allen Ridd Gould.Peter married Joan Mary Louise Acland in 1946.

Joan Mary Louise Acland [Parents] was born in 1923. She married Peter Allen Ridd Gould in 1946.

Roderick Stanley Emerson.Roderick married Gwyneth Sybil Acland in 1942.

Gwyneth Sybil Acland [Parents] was born in 1918. She married Roderick Stanley Emerson in 1942.

Other marriages:
Carden, Henry Christopher

John Heathcote [Parents] died on 29 Jul 1795. He married Lydia Moyer on 27 Oct 1764.

Lydia Moyer died on 14 Jul 1822. She married John Heathcote on 27 Oct 1764.

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