Fuller Family of Sussex


Morgan Thomas aka Treherne

Changed surname to Treherne in 1857.

Louisa Frances Dalrymple

Was an only child. Donated the East window at the Church of Saint Dunstan in Mayfield, Sussex in memory of her father, John Apsley Dalrymple, and of her husband , Morgan Treherne, MP.

Rees Goring Thomas

Also Rhys Goring Thomas.

Morgan Dalrymple Thomas aka Treherne

Known to the family as Dal.

Goring Apsley Thomas aka Treherne

Known to the family as Apsley. 1881 British Census: Dwelling Englefield Green Northcroft, Census Place Egham, Surrey, England.

Mary Jane Kathleen Percival

Known as Mamie.

Lieutenant William Henry Weldon

Known as Harry.

Georgina Thomas aka Treherne

Born to fanatically snobbish Victorian parents, Georgina Weldon grew up to wreak havoc on almost everyone she met. She was supposed to marry well and restore the family fortune, but soon proved to have other ideas. Her scandalous affair with a married man and her defiant marriage to the less-than-prosperous young hussar officer Harry Weldon were just the first signs that she was no ordinary girl. In a plot that could have been constructed by Dickens himself, Georgina acquired a string of lovers, was stung by con artists, betrayed by her parents, and narrowly escaped being committed to a mental institution. She rose to the challenge and became one of the first Victorian women to represent herself in court and later helped to overturn England’s infamous Lunacy Laws. Like the best Victorian novels, The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon marries the adventures of an intrepid protagonist with delightfully revealing glimpses of Victorian society. A tale of sex and scandal, bravado and bravery, Mrs. Weldon’s life is wild, wicked, and totally irresistible.

Source: Inside flap, The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon: The Life, Loves and Lawsuits of a Legendary Victorian
by Brian Thompson

Gave birth to a stillborn son in 1860 and was subsequently unable to have children.