Fuller Family of Sussex


William Sloane

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society 24/05/1722.

Elizabeth Fuller

Husband: William Sloane

Major John Fuller MP

Known as Major John Fuller of the Trained Bands. Sherrif 1685.

"On the northern wall [of All Saints Church, Waldron, Sussex] is a splendid grey and white marble monument in the Neoclassical style, commemorating Major John Fuller who died in 1722. Moved from its original position during the Victorian restoration of the church, the monument is much admired in the Penguin Buildings of England volume on Sussex as, for its time, " a very up-to-date and metropolitan piece." "(Waldron:Portrait of a Sussex Village; Russell, Parker & Chidson)

Bought Bayley Park (now Heathfield Park) from Frances Turvin for £ 900 in June 1708. "We do not know who lived at the Park during Fuller's thirteen years of ownership. He may well have continued to live at Tanners at Waldron, the freehold of which the family had acquired in 1617, with his wife Elizabeth Fowle (the daughter of another iron making family) and their four children. Any long-term interest they may have had in Bayley as a residence was certainly reduced by the purchase and rebuilding by his brother Thomas of the old mansion house at Brightling. In 1705 he gave this to John's eldest son (another John) who two years earlier had again greatly increased - as well as diversified - the family's fortunes by his marriage to Elizabeth Rose, daughter of Fulke Rose a wealthy planter and Governor of Jamaica. In honour of his wife, the Brightling house was then renamed Rose Hill. It was this house which was to become the principal seat of the main branch of the Fuller family, where Major John's son fathered ten children and added political clout to the family's growing economic and social importance by his election in 1713 as a Tory Member of Parliament for Sussex.
Bayley Park was sold by Major John Fuller in December 1721. He made a characteristically good deal. The price was £2400 for 'the capital messuage or mansion house built by James Plummer', the Park and the surrounding estates- in all just over 227 acres - slightly less in extent than Fuller's orginal purchase for which he had paid £ 900. But Fuller still contrived to safeguard the all important rights to its water in a covenant under which he reserved the liberty to draw water from the several ponds belonging to the premises 'as high as and including the Banqueting House pond' for the use of his furnaces , as long as the level did not go over that 'the slucies laid for that purpose'.

Heathfield Park: A private estate and a Wealden town, Roy Price 1996, pp 43-45.

Samuel Fuller

Died in infancy.

Captain John Fuller

Sheriff 1671.

Captain Samuel Fuller

Was sole executor of his father's will and inherited most of his property.

Joan French

Known also as Jane. Inherited a dowry of £500 upon her father's death.

Rev John Nutt

"Berwick had cause to remember the dreadful years of the Commonwealth 1649-1660, for Parson Nutt, Rector of Berwick, from 1613 (also Rector of Bexhill and Canon of Chichester) had already been turned out of the living in 1645 for his Royalist sympathies, and retired to spend his last years with his brother, Sir Thos. Nutt, Kt., at Mayes in the next parish. His place was taken by one, Thos. Russell, who describes himself not as "Rector" or "Parson", but "Minister". He was a "Parliamentary intruder" and probably not even ordained – such was the state of the Church and Ministry during those years when the Prayer Book was banned and it was illegal to administer the Sacraments."

St. Michael and All Angels and its paintings, Berwick Sussex, pp. 1

Busts of Parson Nutt and his wife Anne are located on the wall of the belfry tower. Unfortunately they are obscured by the organ.

Rector: 04 Oct 1617 - 20 May 1641, Berwick, Sussex
Prebendary: 08 Sept 1619 - 02 Dec 1641, Ferring Prebend, Chichester Cathedral
Vicar: St Peter, Bexhill, Sussex 16 Oct 1618 - 13 May 1641

Anne Dunck

"Parson Nutt began the registers and he also began a commonplace book, " Remembrances of the Parsons of Berwick", which is probably unique. Mrs Nutt gave a precious silver gilt chalice and paten as a thank-offering for twins, inscribed on the foot " What shall I give the Lord for all the Benefits yt he hath soon vnto me. I will receive the cupp of Saluation and call vpon the name of the Lord. Psal. 116", and on the base: The guifte of Anne wife to Parson Nutt, Recotr of Berwick." The chalice and paten bear the marks: m lion uncrowned leopard head crowned/ "W.S." i.e., the London hallmarks for 1629/30 , maker possibly William Shute. The twins are entered in the register - "1633.27 Aug. Wm. and Geo. Nutt, twines, sonnes of John Nutt and Anne." Mrs Nutt saw that her precious gift did not fall into the hands of the invaders, and we have the chalice and paten still. Sadly they now have to be kept in the Bank.
There is a memorial to Parson and Mrs Nutt in the belfry tower. "

St. Michael and All Angels and its paintings, Berwick Sussex, pp. 7.

Ann Fuller


John Fuller

Extract from Waldron Parish Register:

Exmii Candoris juvenis, near 20 years of age from Mayfield NB he was buried in linenand information given acording to the directions of the Act of Parliament entitiled and Act for Burying in woollen and the moneys accordingly distributed to the poor"

John Fuller

Acquired the unexpired portion of the lease of Tanners in Waldron in 1575. Bought the freehold of tenements at Waldron known as Woodplace and Tanners in 1596. His will details the division of his lands in Waldron, Mayfield, Heathfield, Northiam, Fairlight and Herstmonceux in Sussex and Shorne in Kent among family members.

The Fuller's Progess: A study of a remarkable sussex family 16th - 19th Centuries, by Alec Parks with illustrations by Rosemary Brown, 1991, p. 6.