Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


John Dyke Acland 12th Bart

Educated at Clifton and Magdalene College Cambs (BA, MSc), & the Univ of the West Indies.
Was in a road accident and died the following day.

Daniel James Dyke Acland

Dropped the name Dyke.

Florence Dyke Acland

Twin with Patrick.

Patrick Dyke Acland

Twin with Florence.

Christopher John Dyke Acland

Christopher John Dyke Acland (September 7, 1966 – October 17, 1996) was a British musician best known for being the drummer in London-based shoegazing and britpop band Lush.
Acland was born in Lancaster Infirmary. He was a founder member of Lush, who formed in 1988. Lush would release three albums and a multitude of singles and EP's and have considerable critical success.
Acland was a much liked and respected member of the London music community and it was often noted how he was said to have no enemies. He was a passionate lifelong fan of football and a strong (if sometimes resigned) supporter of Tottenham Hotspur.
In 1996, Acland committed suicide by hanging himself. His bandmates in Lush were devastated and disbanded after a long period of mourning.

Source: Wikipedia