Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


William Frederick Wells

Susannah Thrale and watercolourist William Frederick Wells did not marry. She "joined him at his house" , Ashgrove Cottage, in June of 1807. Her family were not pleased with the arrangement . Wells' name is not mentioned anywhere in the family correspondence. He was a drawing instructor to young aristocrats and had exhibited at the Royal Academy. He founded the Society of Painters in Watercolours. Thrales of Streatham Park, pp 275-276.
Susannah's mother Hester Lynch Thrale (later Piozzi) refers to Wells as "Mr Ash Grove".

"At a meeting at the Stratford Coffee House, Oxford St, London, on the 20 Nov 1804, William Frederick Wells initiated the establishment of the Society Associated for the Purpose of Establishing an Annual Exhibition of Paintings in Water Colours, in conjunction with the artists William Sawrey Gilpin, Robert Hills, John Claude Nattes, John and Cornelius Varley, Francis Nicholson, Samuel Shelley, William Henry Pyne and Nicholas Pocock. By the time of their first exhibition in April 1805, it had become known as the Society of Painters in Water Colours, and had gained six more members. The success of this exhibition, which enjoyed 12,000 visitors, encouraged its development into an annual event."


They had nine children, two of whom died in infancy.

John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury

He was the son of Giambattista Piozzi and Teresa Fracassi and was adopted by his uncle.

Edward Willliam Piozzi Salusbury

Was an army officer who served in Bengal and was killed during the insurrectioin at Kabul in 1841.

Rev. Charles Arthur Piozzi Salusbury

B.A. 1846, Jesus College, Oxford. Rector of Stretton, Shropshire.

Major General Frederick Octavius Piozzi Salusbury

Was an army officer who served in Bengal.

Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton 4th Bart

He was MP for Denbighshire from 1749 to 1774.

Lynch Cotton

In service with the East India Company. d.s.p.

Rev George Cotton

LL.D, rector of Stoke in Staffordshire, of Dodleston and Davenham in Cheshire, Dean of Chester,

William Cotton

Died unmarried.

Captain Richard Cotton

Killed in action at Camden in America, captain in the 33rd Regiment.

Captain Henry Calveley Cotton

Captain in the First Life Guards.

John Stanislaus Townshend

Of Trevalyn house, near Rossett.

Arthur Geoffrey Dyke Acland

Four sons living.