Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Joseph Jekyll

Joseph, F.R.S., M.A., of Wargrave Hill, Berkshire, educated at Westminster and Christ Church, Oxford.

Capt. Richard Dalling Dunn RN

Charlotte married Richard Dalling Dunn (Capt. RN) at Teigngrace on 4 Feb 1811 (IGI confirmed Taunton Courier).
R D Dunn was a senior Captain of the line having seen action commanding several ships usually under Admiral Duckworth. Dunn Bay in Australia is named after him. He died at Stonehouse, Plymouth in June 1813 (Taunton Courier) as Commander of the new HMS Dublin (78 guns). There is a memorial to Capt Dunn in Teigngrace church, but oddly, the Royal Navy seem to have ignored his demise.Source: Geoff Ayers

Very Rev. John Chappel Woodhouse D.D.

Dean of LIchfield