Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Eugenia C. Kries

Died at age 84. Contributing factors to death: circulatory shock, generalized peritonitis, perforation of diverticulum of signoid colon. Source: Death Certificate.

John F. Kries

US 1880 Census: Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
Employed as: cook in hotel

Mary (Mollie) Brown Kiningham

US 1920 Census: lived with daughter and son-in-law Eugenia and Lionel Edward Fuller, widowed.
Cause of death: Chronic nephritis arteriosclerosis

Carroll L Kries

Died single at age 25. Cause of death: Accidental

Alma Clara Kries

US 1920 Census: lived with sister and brother-in-law Eugenia and Lionel Edward Fuller, was employed as a clerk in a wholesale store.
Occupation: Stenographer
Died unmarried.

Eugene Cecil Fuller

Twin of Lionel Edward Fuller.

Graduate of St. Fidelis college in Herman, Pennsylvania. Member of Lions, Elks and Knights of Columbus. US 1930 Census: occupation - recieving clerk in an auto supply company

Address at time of marriage: 609 Ruffner Ave, Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Harmorene Rennie Anderson

Graduate of Charleston High School. Employed as agency secretary of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Her cousin Mrs. Waldo Wolf was maid of honour at her wedding.

John A. Finegan

Was manager of Charleston Branch of Commercial Investment Trust Corp. at the time of his marriage and lived at 1527 Quarrier Street, Charleston, West Viginia, USA.

Ferdinand Jan de Gruyter

Venlo, Province Limburg was later ceded to Holland.

Louisa Arnoldina Alydce (Adelheide) Venhorst

Meerlo or Mirlo, Limburg was later ceded to Holland.

John Berrisford Crockett

Born near Frankfort, Kentucky

Julius Albert de Gruyter

Source: The History of West Virginia, Old and New Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III pg. 50

JULIUS A. DE GRUYTER. It would be difficult to name a man who has been busier and more useful in the affairs of Charleston during the last thirty years than Julius A. de Gruyter. His career to a noteworthy degree has been devoted to the public service—honest, competent and efficient. He is now in his second term as postmaster of Charleston, administering the business of the largest postoffice in volume of revenues in the State of West Virginia.

Mr. de Gruyter was born at Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia, January 9, 1864. His father, M. F. de
Gruyter, was a native of Holland, was educated in Heidelberg University of Germany, and after coming to this country he served in the Confederate war as a major on General Echols' staff. He married Julia P. Crockett, of Marmet, Kanawha County, where she was born, daughter of John B. Crockett, of Kentucky, and of the same ancestry as the famous David Crocket. John B. Crockett was a farmer and salt manufacturer in Kanawha County, and died at the age of eighty. M. F. de Gruyter was a commercial salesman, lived at Covington, Kentucky, for a number of years, with business interests in Cincinnati, and in the early 70s moved to Charleston. He finally lost all his property and died at the age of sixty-six. His widow lives with her son Julius at the age of eighty-seven. There were two other children: Josephine, who died at the age of forty-three, wife of L. E. Fuller; and Ferdinand J., who among other experiences prospected for gold in the Northern Alaska fields and who died at Charleston at the age of sixty-one.

J. A. de Gruyter acquired most of his education in the public schools at Charleston, and his work in the public service began soon after he left school. In 1885, at the age of twenty-one, he was elected city recorder, serving two terms. He was clerk of the council and police judge as well under Mayor James H. Huling and Mayor Joseph L. Fry. In 1889 he became superintendent of the Charleston water works. This plant had been put in operation in 1886. Mr. de Gruyter was a capable man to have the management of the water works for fourteen years, until 1903, and not only had charge of operations, but all extensions to the service. While still superintendent of the water plant he was elected mayor in 1895, and served two terms, four years. At the time he was first elected Elk City, now known as the West Bide, was annexed to Charleston. His term as mayor was marked by some notable public improvements for that era, including the paving of several miles of street, the construction of sewers, and the building of the Charleston General Hospital.

On leaving the water works in 1903 Mr. de Gruyter established a fire insurance agency, and was in that business until 1915, when he was appointed postmaster of Charleston, through the influence of Senator William E. Chilton. He began his duties as postmaster in July, 1915, two years before the post office building of Charleston had been completed. Since Mr. de Gruyter took charge of the post office its business has increased 250 per cent, and amounts to over $400,000 a year, larger than any other city in West Virginia, and in proportion to the population it is one of the most profitable post offices in he United States. The post office now has 110 employees, including thirty city carriers and five rural carriers. Mr. de Gruyter's present term as postmaster expires in February, 1924. He has always been active in the democratic party in the state, and has been a delegate to a number of local and state conventions. He is a deacon of the First Presbyterian Church. Outside of his work his time and interest have been concentrated on his home life. Mr. de Gruyter at different times has donated to the Charleston Public Library an aggregate of about 200 volumes, including the bound volumes that represented his collection of the numerous copies of Puck for seventeen years.

In 1889 Mr. de Gruyter married Mary V. Noyes, whose father, W. A. Noyes, was an old time merchant of Charleston and member of an old family of the city. The four children of Mr. and Mrs. de Gruyter are: Elizabeth, Mrs. C. M. McVay; Julius A., Jr. state agent for the New York Life Insurance Company of Charleston; Julia L., wife of William J. Harvey; and Mary Noyes, twin sister of Julia, living at home.

Submitted by: Valerie F. Crook

Julius Albert de Gruyter

State agent for the New York Life Insurance Company of Charleston, West Virginia.