Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Owen Meyrick

In the parliamentary election of 1708 for the county of Anglesey, he very seriously and almost successfully challenged the supremacy of the Bulkeleys and, although unsuccessful on this occasion, effectively challenged the Bulkeley supremacy on the island. For some years he did represent the county in Parliament (1715-1722). He was also High Sheriff in 1706, and Custos Rotulorum of Anglesey from 1715 till his death in 1759. Interestingly, he also commissioned Lewis Morris, the most famous of the three Morris brothers, to make a survey of the Bodorgan lands.

"In 1715 Owen Meyrick Esq., of Bodorgan Hall, presented a register for the use of Llangadwaladr and Llanfeirian Churches in accordance with the law requiring the recording of particulars of baptisms, marriages and burials. In the same year Meyrick was elected Member of Parliament for Anglesey. The parish records, however, date from 1610, since the records for the previous century were copied out into the new register. " The History of St. Cadwaladr's Church Llangadwaladr by Morfudd Jones, page 11.

"In 1730 Owen Meyrick Esq arranged to have a vault built under the Meyric chapel; illness in the family may have prompted him to carry out this work. The first person to be buried in the vault was William Meyrick, on th 22nd March 1731" Jones, pag 11.

John Meyrick


Dr. Richard Meyrick

Richard Meyrick married Jane daughter of Charles Cholmondeley as above mentioned, and on the same day her cousin, Lady Lucy Pitt, daughter of the Earl of Londonderry, was married to his brother Pierce. The marriage of these two brothers was celebrated at the Fleet without the knowlegde of their parents and the well-known story is stricity true that as they were on their way to be married the young ladies proposed to change husbands, to which the young gentlemen agreed, and accordingly they were so married and not as they originally intented. (Griffiths, Pedigrees of Anglesey and Caernarvon)