Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Ralph Thrale

Occupation: Brewer; MP for Southwark.


Mary's maiden name may have been Dabbins, Dobbins or Dobbinson. Source: The Thrales of Streatham Park, page 8.

Henry Thrale

The inscription on Henry Thrale's monument at St Leonard's church, Streatham reads :

Hie conditur quod reliquum est HENRICI THRALE, qui res, seu civiles sive domesticas, ita egit, ut vitam illi longiorem multi optarent: ita sacras, ut quam brevem essethabiturus praescire videretur. Simplex, apertus, sibique semper similis, nihil ostentavit aut arte fictum aut cura laboratum. In senatu regi patriaeque fideliter studuit, vulgi obstrepentis contemptor animousus; domi inter mille mercaturae negotia, literarum elegantias minime neglexit. Amicis quocunque modo laborantibus, consiliis, auctoritate, muneribus adfuit. Inter fam,iliae comites, convivas, hospites, tam facili fuit morum suavitate ut omnium animos ad se alliceret; tam felice sermohis libertate, ut nulli adulatus, omnibus placeret. Natus 1728; obiit 1781. Consortes tumuli habet RADULPHUM patrem, strenuum, prudentemque virum, et HENRICUM dilium unicum, quem spei parentum mors inopina decennem praeripuit. Ita domus felix et opulents, quam erexit avus, auxitque pater, cum nepote decidit. Abi, lector, et vicibus rerum humanarum perspectis, aeternitatem cogita.


Here are deposited the remains if HENRY THRALE who managed all his concerns in the present world public and private in such a manner as to leave many wishing that he has continued longer in it, and all that related to a future world as if he had been sensible how short a time he was to continue in this. Simple, open and uniform in his manners, his conduct was without either art or affection. In the Senate attentive to the true interest of his King and country, he looked down with contempt in the clamour of the multitude; although engaged in a very expensive business he found some time to apply to polite literature; and was ever ready to assist his friends labouring under difficulties with his advice, his influence, and his purse. To his friends, acquaintances and guests he behaved with such sweetness of manners as to attach them all to his person; so happy in his conservation with them as to please all, though flattered none.
Born 1724 - Died 1781
In the same tomb lie interred his father, RALPH THRALE, a man of vigour and activity, and his only son HENRY, who died before his father, aged 10 years. Thus a happy and opulent family raised by grandfather and augmented by the father became extinguished with the grandson. Go, Reader, and reflect on the vicissitudes of all human affairs, meditate on Eternity.

Source: John W Brown, St Leonard's Church Archivist

Frances Thrale

Died at age 9 days.

Henry Salusbury Thrale

Known as Harry. Died at age nine years and one month.

Lucy Elizabeth Thrale

Named after Samuel Johnson's late wife Elizabeth (known as ’Tetty).

Penelope Thrale

LIved only 10 hours after birth.

Ralph Thrale

His mother's Children’s Book records that she had suspected that Ralph was imbecile since 31 December 1773 and that Dr Pott the surgeon confirmed this in April 1775, suggesting that the cause was congential. Ralph was said by Hester [Thraliana 29 December 1780] to have suffered from confluent smallpox. (

Frances Anna Thrale

Died at age 7 months.

Henrietta Sophia Thrale

Died at age 4 years.