Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


John Apsley Dalrymple

Colonel of the 15th Hussars and lord of the manors of Cortesly and Hamerdon near Ticehurst in Sussex.
Was a trustee of Jack Fuller's estate.

Thomas Greene

Brewer of Chelsea.

Mary Rose

Inherited Nonnington farm Canterbury, and lands on the north side of Jamaica in St. Mary's and St. George.

Rev. Hoby Stanley

Education: MA, Merton College, Oxford
Ordination - Deacon: 07 June 1729, King Street Chapel, Westminster
Ordination - Priest: 10 June 1729
Rector: 12 Jun 1729 - 22 June 1737, Pewsey, Wiltshire

Phillipa Rose

Born after her father's death.

Sir John Inskip Lade

"In Sir John Lade's will, of 17 August 179, subsequent to the disinheritance of Whitehorne, the main part of the estate and rents were to go to Lade's great nephew, the young John Inskip, only son of John Inskip of Uckfield and Lade's late niece Philadelphia, and grandson of his brother Vincent Lade. He was to be kept out ot the main inheritance until he was 26. Until then Lade put the estate in the care of four trustees, his sister Anna Lade, John Fuller snr, Hugh Offley of Possingworth and John Fuller jnr. For this major task they were each to receive a mere £ 100. Inskip was to have £ 50 for his education until the age of 14, £ 100 from then until 18, £ 300 to 21, and £ 1000 a year until he was 26. He was to change his name to Lade: failure to do so would debar him from the estate. " The Fuller Letters, Crossley & Saville

Became baronet on 17 March 1758. Died after falling from a horse. He left his wife enceinte of a son.

Mary Ann Thrale

"The Parish Register entry in Warbleton, Sussex for the burial of Lady AnnLade 31 March 1802 notes that she was brought from St. Albans." from

John Fuller

Citizen of London.