Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Sir Godfrey Webster 4th Baronet

Committed suicide, by shooting himself over gambling debts.

Godfrey Vassall Webster 5th Baronet

MP for Sussex 1812-1820.

Sold Bodiam Castle to John "Mad Jack" Fuller in 1829.

Col Peter Beckford

King William having appointed William Selwyn to be the governor of the island of Jamaica, he died soon after his arrival. The council of the island then elected Peter Beckford, Esq., to act as lieutenant-governor in Mr. Selwyn's room, and he governed the island at King William's death in 1702, and also proclaimed Queen Anne. He was president of the council and commander-in-chief of the army. Besides distinguishing himself against the French, his great opulence gained him a superiority over most of the planters. T. Handasyd, Esq., was sent out from England as lieutenant-governor soon afterwards. Mr. Beckford died suddenly, in a fit of passion, in 1710, and left behind him two sons, Peter, the elder son, Speaker of the House of Assembly for the island, and Thomas. He was twice married. Source:

Thomas Beckford

Killed by a gentleman he had offended.