Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Sir William Campion

"This valiant individual was on the side of Charles in the Civil Wars. He was Governor of Borstal House, Bucks, which ws converted into a garrison for the Royal Party, and which he surrendered to the Parliamentary forces. He was slain at the seige of Colchester, Jun 13 1648, and lies buried in the church of St Mary in that town. "
source: A History of Hurstperpoint (sic), By William Smith Ellis

Commanded the royalist garrison of Boarstall House in the Civil War, for which he was knighted (7 Nov 1644). After compounding for £1,354, he took up arms again in 1648 and was killed in a sortie from Colchester.

Henry Campion

Died in infancy.

Edward Campion


Philadelphia Campion

Died in infancy.

William Campion

Of Combwell, Goudhurst, Kent.

Sir Henry Campion

Knighted in 1621.