Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Captain Richard Hoare RN

Captain Royal Navy.

Matilda Ottley Fahie

Died shortly after the birth of her son Hugh Richard Fahie Hoare.

Captain Richard Hoare RN

Captain Royal Navy.

James Curtis Somerville

Of Dinder House, Somerset.

RN Purser Samuel Hood

April 1761: Entered the Royal Navy (at an advanced age). Served as a purser/pay master aboard H.M.S. Druid until November 1765.
Date Unknown: Retired from Royal Navy and returned to Kingsland.

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Captain Arthur Hood RN

1767 - March 1771: Entered the Royal Navy. Assigned to H.M.S. Glasgow.

07/08 September 1776: Died while enroute to St Pierre, Martinique: Pomona was lost with all hands during a fiercely violent storm.

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John Periam

‘Sacred to the memory of John Periam of Wootton House and late member of Exeter College Oxford to which his ancestors were considerable benefactors also a student of the Middle Temple who died Dec 29 1788 aged 74 Piety, Affection and Virtue/ armed with a highly cultivated mind/ adorned the Character of this excellent Christian. ‘The sweet remembrance of thy duty/ shall flourish when he sleeps unduly.
Source: Butleigh Church Memorial Inscription -