Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Major Gen Francis Edward Cox RE

Maj. Gen. Francis Edward Cox RE entered military service as a 2nd Lieutenant on 6 August 1846. He held regimental ranks of Lieutenant, 20 February 1847; 2nd. Captain, 1 April 1855; Captain, 28 November 1859; Lt. Colonel, 19 June 1872; Colonel 18 January 1882 and Army ranks of Major, 26 April 1859; Lt. Colonel, 4 June 1870, Colonel 19 June 1877; Major General 9 September 1885. He saw war service in the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1858 and retired on 7 September 1885 with an annuity and honourary rank.

Lt. Col St. John Augustus Cox

Lt. Col. St. John Augustus Cox C.M.G., O.B.E. died on 11 April 1936 in Colchester, Essex, at the age of 65. Late The Royal Warwickshire Regiment and The Royal Irish Regiment.

Sir Thomas Denton

Of Hillsden, Bucks.

Hon. Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton settled at Queenston and built himself a fine home. It was partially destroyed during the War of 1812, but was rebuilt and today is privately owned. Robert Hamilton operated a good business from Queenston. He had more than half a dozen sons with two wives. He was a member of the Legislature and moved in the same circles as Governor Simcoe. Robert Hamilton's son, George, married the daughter of Secretary William Jarvis. George Hamilton bought the land at the head of Lake Ontario, and it would later become known as the city of Hamilton.