Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Elizabeth Garth

Suceeded her mothers estate - Morden, Surrey.

Susan Elizabeth Acland Hood

Susan Acland-Hood Prime Minister Gordon Brown has had to show that he can work with new people and here is one such adviser. She came to work in No10 as a civil service private secretary covering Home Office and Justice issues. She is in and out of Brown's office 10 times a day bringing him information and sitting in on meetings. Crucial to the policy development process on immigration, crime and security, and is said to be a calm, efficient presence helping Brown prepare for his weekly PMQs sessions.

Engagement to be married announced 15 September 2005.

Rev John Wenham BA

Education: BA
Ordination - Deacon: 30 Jul 1660
Ordination - Priest: 31 Jul 1660
Vicar: 27 Oct 1660 - 10 Sep 1701, Hailsham, Sussex