Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Pierce Meyrick

Richard Meyrick married Jane daughter of Charles Cholmondeley as above mentioned, and on the same day her cousin, Lady Lucy Pitt, daughter of the Earl of Londonderry, was married to his brother Pierce. The marriage of these two brothers was celebrated at the Fleet without the knowlegde of their parents and the well-known story is stricity true that as they were on their way to be married the young ladies proposed to change husbands, to which the young gentlemen agreed, and accordingly they were so married and not as they originally intented. (Griffiths, Pedigrees of Anglesey and Caernarvon)

Thomas Innes Pitt 1st Earl of Londonderry

1st Baron of Londonderry (cr 1719 Jun 3 I), 1st Earl of Londonderry (cr 1726 Oct 8 I)

William Putland Meyrick