Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


William Dovey

1881 Census: Occupation, General Labourer, living at 25 Fordrough Street, Birmingham

Cecilia Dovey

1881 Census: Occupation = Glass Ornament Cutter

Charles Pettitt

Also Pettett. 1881Census: Occupation: Gardener, Dwelling: 36 Carey Street, Census Place: Maidstone, Kent, England

Lillie Pettitt

Also Lillley.

John Frederick Pinney

OCCUPATION: Justice of the Peace,1823 -High Sheriff of Dorset

Frances Dickinson

Only daugher of William Dickinson.

Col. William Pinney MP

OCCUPATION: Member of Parliament for Lyme Regis, Colonel, 2nd Somerset Militia

John Pretor Pinney

He was a cousin of John Frederick who had never married. He went to Nevis in 1764. He expressed concerns about the "rights and wrongs" of owning slaves but recognising the money he could make, convinced himself that owning slaves was acceptable.

In a letter dated 1765 he wrote: "Since my arrival I've purchased 9 Negro slaves in St Kitts and can assure you I was shocked at the first appearance of human flesh for sale. But surely God ordained 'em for the use and benefit of us otherwise his Divine Will would have been made manifest to us by some particular sign or token."

For twenty years he stayed in the West Indies making his plantations as profitable as possible. He left Nevis in 1783 and came home to Bristol worth about £70,000. In Bristol, he set up in business as a sugar merchant. He made even more money than he had as a plantation owner. He owned grand houses in the country and had a smart new town house built - 'The Georgian House' - now owned by Bristol Museum.

Assumed the name Pinney by royal licence in 1740 [some sources say 1762] on suceeding to the Pinney Estates.