Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Rev. Bamfield Drake

He studied at Exeter College, Oxon., B. A. 22 March 1693. He was Rector of Farway,Devon from 1700 to 1729 and officiating minister at Bodmin in 1720.

Joseph Drake


William Drake

He was a solicitor at Wellington, Somerset.

John Drake

Surgeon in the Royal Navy. Died at sea, unmarried.

John Drake

He was Mayor of Plymouth and Collector of Customs at Plymouth. Died during his mayoralty.

Lt. John Savery Drake de jure 6th Baronet

Lieut. 33rd Regt. Received Freedom of Glasgow. He became incompetent from the results of a head injury, which may explain why he is omitted from some accounts as baronet. He died unmarried on 4 Mar 1810, and was buried at Dodbrooke. According to records of his immediate family, he was buried as the de jure baronet. This implies that his uncles, the other sons of Rev. Bamfield Drake, Sr., whose male descendants, if any, should have inherited the baronetcy before him, died without male issue.