Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


John Lidgetter

Known as Jack. Constable of Lewes 1722.

Sir George William Gervis-Tapps 2nd Bart

In 1836 Sir George Tapps-Gervis decided to create a seaside resort at Bournemouth. He appointed an architect from Christchurch called Ben Ferrey to design it. Villas were built for families to hire during the summer. Westover Villas were built in 1837-40 Tapps-Gervis also built the Bath Hotel in 1838. He also laid out Westover Gardens. In 1839 the Tregonwell Arms began to act as post office for the little community. By 1840 a little village had been built. In that year the stagecoach, which travelled from Southampton to Weymouth began to call at Bournemouth, a sure sign that the village had arrived. The same year a guide book for the resort was published.

MP for New Romney 1826-1830 and Christchurch 1832-1837

Succeeded: 15 Mar 1835

Of Hinton House.

Of Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1819, M.A. 1822; M.P. for Christchurch; assumed by Royal Licence in 1835 the additional surname and arms of Gervis;
succeeded his father as 2nd Bart.15 March 1835.

Clara Meyrick Fuller

North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), Tuesday, January 3, 1832; Issue 224.

DEATHS - On the 27th of Dec in Stratford Place, aged 29, a fortnight after the birth of her fourth child, Clara wife of G.W.Tapps, Esq. eldest daughter of A. E. Fuller Esq. and sister of Owen Fuller Meyrick of Bodorgan, Anglesey.

Clara Gervis-Tapps

Lived at Ashdown House,Forest Row, Sussex

John Owen Gervis-Tapps

"On Thursday evening last, an event took place near Aberffraw, Anglesey, which has thrown the family of John Fuller Esq.,
of Bodorgan, into deep grief. The second son of the late Sir G W Tapps Gervis aged fourteen, a nephew and ward of Mr. Fuller, who had arrived at Bodorgan about a fortnight previously, on a visit, was then missed; and, being a stranger to his locality his absence caused much alarm to the respected family, lest, in the darkness, he might have lost his way on the sands, and got within range of the tide. Every means that could be suggested were resorted to, but in vain, and after two days' ineffectual search, the most painful anticipations were realised by the discovery of the body of the poor youth in a running between Bodorgan and Llandwyn. It is supposed that, having become benighted, he had endeavored to take a short cut homeward, but that, being shortsighted he had wandered into the river. "

Source: The Era (London, England), Sunday, March 17, 1844; Issue 286.

Sir George Ivison Tapps 1st Bart

As Lord of the Manor of Christchurch, most of the land between Christchuch and Poole came under his ownership. However the Christchurch Inclosures Act of 1802 ment that he had to give up this land. He was awarded by the commissioners of the act plots 72-77 as compensation. He also purchased plots 31-35. He later sold 8.5 acres of plot 31 to L.D.G. Tregonwell and work began on the first residence in Bournemouth, Dorset.
Was created a Baronet, July 28 1791. He served the office of Sheriff of Hampshie in 1793.

Thomas Fuller MD

Of Seven Oaks, Kent.

Annie Mary Shiffner

Memorial inscription:

In Memory of
Annie Mary Lady Graham
youngest daughter of
Thos. Shiffner, Esq. of Westergate
Sussex and Mrs. Shiffner,
of Copgrove
The Wife of Sir Reginald Graham
8th Baronet of Norton Conyers,
Died at Bournemouth, 15th Dec 1917

Nigel James Graham

Died unmarried.