Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Robert Hare Naylor

Later Naylor of Hurstmonceaux Castle.
Canon of Winchester.

Richard Bridger

Richard was a successful member of the local gentry and was elected as the Member of Parliament for Lewes during the Restoration (1679-94). He was also a Colonel in the Sussex Militia and a Justice of the Peace for Hamsey


The Coombe Estate, with Coombe House and the manor of Coombe, totalling 207 acres, was purchased in February 1657/8 by Richard Bridger of Ashurst from the executors of Sir Thomas Rivers, bart., for £2400, (SH583) and has remained in the hands of his family and their successors by marriage until the present day. (Coombe Place was sold in 1952 to Mr. R. N. Cannon.)

Source: The Shiffner Archives

Walter Bridger

Served in the Battle of the Boyne. Died of smallpox. Was unmarried.

Henry Bridger

Fought as a trooper in his brother Walter's regiment at the Boyne in Ireland. Died unmarried.