Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Pollexfen Drake

Commissioner of Appeals in Excise. d.s.p.

Henry Drake

Died in the Fleet Prison. d.s.p.

Samuel Heathcote

director of East India Company

General Sir Augustus Elliot Fuller MP

Served as Member of Parliament for Sussex from 1841 until his death in 1857. He inherited the Rose Hill estate from John "Mad Jack" Fuller. He held the estates of Catsfield, Hooe and Ashdown House, Sussex.

Was JP and DL for East Sussex 1841-57.

"Ashdown House, originally called Lavertye, is a little way out of Forest Row on the Hartfield road...The house was originally built for Lord Heathfeld, whose titile, Baron of Gibralter (sic), is commemorated by the Gibralter (sic) Tower in Heathfield Park; the Tower was erected by an admiring later owner of the Park at a cost of £3,000 -- a stiffish sum for an 18th Century folly. Lord Heathfield died in 1790 and he seems never to have lived in [Lavertye], an extremely beautiful example of its date, described most conclusively by Pevsner as 'very perfect indeed.' Lord Heathfield's daughter, Anne, certainly lived in the house when it was still Lavertye. She married John Trayton Fuller and we know already that the eccentric [Elliott] Augustus Elliot Fuller lived there while it was still Lavertye-- he was the one who kept his own pack of hounds to aid his great obsession, the hunting of the hare."
The Forest: Ashdown in East Sussex by Barbara Willard, 1989, pp131- 132.

Once the hare abounded but has now vanished--thanks, perhaps, to the eccentric Mr Fuller of Lavertye. Time and again in Forest reporting of the 19th century come tales of this volatile character. Cast in the mould of such as Squire Weston, Fuller mus have dreamt of hares, been nourished by jare jugged or roast; his tempting of the locals to hare seeking and betraying makes extraordinary reading. He seems never quite matched by rival neighbours, retired generals and the like, who none the less eagerly suported him--the owner of Twyford Lodge, for instance. Willard, pp 94.

"Heaver's nephew, whose name was Buss, has memories of the eccentric Mr Fuller of Lavertye, whose hare hunting proclivities appear and re-appear throughout the records of the Forest during these years. His private pack of harriers is most often spoke of with respect amounting almost to affection. ' I remember one occasion when the hare wes so hard pressed that it fell dead in front of the hounds.' On another occasion, having failed to find a hare, Fuller offered anyone 1/- who would put him in the way of finding one. Buss had seen a hare 'sitiing' just before. So off went the hunt, to check this claim, taking the shilling with them to the spot. Fortunately for Buss, if not for the quarry, the hare was quickly put up and the reward handed over. Willard, pp. 50

The Examiner (London, England), Saturday, August 15, 1857; Issue 2585.

DEAD - Mr Augustus E Fuller, late M.P. for East Sussex, died on Thursday week, after a very short illness from diarrhoea. He was born in 1777, and was the son of the late Mr J Trayton Fuller, by the daughter of the late first Lord Heathfield. He was returned for the eastern division of Sussex at the general election in 1841, and cntinued in Parliament up to the late election, when he was defeated by Mr Dodson, his former opponent.

Owen John Augustus Fuller-Meyrick

Assumed the name Meyrick by Royal License in 1825. Involved in the development of Bournemouth, Dorset as a seaside resort. He inherited the Bodorgan estate on the death of his grandfather. Was sheriff of Angelsey in 1827.
Succeeded in 1858. Educated at Harrow, Brasenose College Oxford. JP and DL for Anglesey and Sussex. Residences:
Bodorgan Angelsey, Rosehill, Ashdown House, 16 Clifford St., London. - County Families of the United Kingdom 1863
Was a trustee of the Bangor Friars School and director of the Anglesey Central Railway.


North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), Saturday, February 19, 1876; Issue 2557.

We regret to record the demize of another extensive Welsh landowner, the esteemed representative of an ancient Welsh family, and a staunch adherant to the Conservative cause, - a gentleman moreover who, although be passed latterly a retired and unostentatious life, had endeared himself to many. On Saturday last, after a long illness, the death occurred, at his Anglesey seat, of Mr Owen John A Fuller Meyrick of Bodorgan, in his seventy-second year. Mr Meyrick succeeded to the Bodorgan estate, which is one of the largest in Anglesey on the death of his grandfather Mr O Putland Meyrick, of Bodorgan, which event took place in 1858. He was born in 1804, and was the eldest son of the late Mr A. Elliott Fuller, M.P., of Rosehill, Sussex. The"Heraldic Visitation of Wales" states that "upon the death of the late Owen Putland Meyrick, Esq., Bodorgan and its extensive possessions passed under will to his grandson, Owen John Augustus Fuller, only son of his daughter Clara by her marriage with Augustus Elliott Fuller, Esq., of Ashdown House, Sussex. He had adopted the additional surname of Meyrick; was sheriff of Anglesey, 1827" As a landlord, Mr Fuller Meyrick was much respected. His tenentry were encouraged by him to cultivate their farms in the best manner, and he personally took a keen interest in promoting an improved system of agriculture in the island. Of late years, Mr Meyrick has refrained from actively participating in public life, but in his younger days he did his part in discharging certain onerous duties which devolved upon him. In 1827, he filled the annual office of president of Carnarvonshire and Anglesley Loyal Dispensary, and in resigning his post made a handsome donation to the funds of the institution. In policies he was a Conservative, and in that interest in 1835 he contested the representation of the county of Anglesey, but was defeated by his Liberal opponent the Hon. Wm. Owen Stanley of Penrhos. Mr Meyrick was a justice of the peace and deputy-lieutenant for Anglesey, and he also held the commission of peace for Sussex. He died unmarried, and the Bodorgan estate is inherited by his nephew, Mr George Henry Augustus Elliott Gervis, the only son of Sir George Elliott Meyrick Tapps Gervis, of Hinton Admiral, Hants, who attains his majority on the 9th of March next. Extensive preparations have been made in the county to celebrate this auspicious event, but in consequence of the present mournful occurence, these preparations are, of course, indefinitely postponed.
The deceased gentleman claimed his Welsh descent through his mother, who was of purely Cymbric lineage from Einion Sais and Cadavael, Lord of Cydewain, in Montgomeryshire. We learn from Nicholas' "County Families" that: - "According to the pedigree authenticated by Dwnn. 1594, and bearing the signature of 'Richard Meirig' then of Bodorgan, Einion Sais, of Bordorgan (who is said to have been usher of the palace of Sheen, or Richmond, temp. Henry VI, and was so much out of Wales that he acquired the nicknme of 'Sais'), was married to Eva, daughter of Cadwgan ap Llywarch ap Bran of Bodorgan, founder of one of the noble tribes; and from them, through their younger son, Heilin, a yeoman of the guard to Henry VIII. (or, as the Dale Castle M.S. has it, Henry VII), from whose son, Richard Meirig, who was married to Jane, daughter of Llywelyn ap Rhys ap Llywelyn ap hwlkyn, at about the seventh degree, Owen Putland Meyrick, of Bodorgan, grandfather of the present proprietor (Mr Fuller Meyrick) derived." The funeral took place of Friday (yesterday).
The interment was at Llangadwaladr Church. The mournful cortege coach left Bodorgan in the following order: - First, mourning coach, containing the Rev R. W. Griffith, Rev Montague Taylor, Dr Hughes, Mr Prichard and Mr Roper.
Bearers. Hearse. Bearers.
Second mourning coach, containing Sir George Gervis and Mr Gervis. Third mourning coach, containing Messrs Muir, Ellam, Dickens and Colley. Mr Meyrick's private coach (closed). Abundant signs of the feelings of the neighbourhood were shown in drawn blinds - there being scarcely a house to be seen without its blinds down..

Richard Garth Fuller

Died in infancy.

Catherine Sarah Fuller

Died unmarried.

Augusta Maria Fuller

Died unmarried.

Erasmus Gainsford

Alternatively Gaynisford.

Jane Fuller

died in infancy

died in infancy