Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Capt. Alexander Hood RN

1767: Entered Royal Navy. Assigned to H.M.S. Romney under his 2nd cousin Captain (later 1st Viscount Hood) Samuel Hood.

21 April 1798: Died during battle between Mars and French warship Hercule. Hood was shot in the thigh shortly after the action commenced. The ball severed his femoral artery resulting in a fatal wound. Captain Hood died just as the French ship surrendered. Accompanied Captain Cook in one of his voyages round the world.

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Sir Hugh Bateman

Created Dec 1806 Baronet of Hartington

Sir Alexander Fuller Acland Hood 1st Baron St. Audries

Sir Alexander Acland-Hood Bt, was Member of Parliament for West Somerset from 1892 to 1911 and was a member of Edward VII's Privy Council, and was made Lord St Audries in 1911. DL and CC for Somerset.

Vice-Chamberlain in 1900, Chief Whip of he Conservative and Unionist Party in 1902 under Mr Balfour, Privy Councillor in 1904, Deputy Lieutenant and JP for Somerset and Stogursey's County Councillor.

FULLER-ACLAND-HOOD Sir Alexander BART MP: Born in St Andrews Scotland 1853. Educated: Eton, Berkshire; Balliol College,Oxford; Sandhurst 1875. Served with Grenadier Guards in Egypt 1882. ADC to Governor of Victoria, Australia.

Member of Carlton, Guards and Pratt's Clubs.

Hon Mildred Rose Eveleigh de Moleyns

Death duties forced the sale of the St. Audries estate in 1925. Lady St Audries and her children subsequently lived at Fairfield, Stogursey.

Lord Alexander Peregrine Fuller Acland Hood Baron St. Audries

Known as Sir Peregrine and affectionately as Lordy or the "Friendly Peer".
Educated at Eton and Magalen College, Oxford.
In 1914 sailed as a subaltern, with the 25th Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry for service first in India and then Burma. Completed his war service with the Grenadier Guards after the death of his father and his sucession in 1917.

Established Lord St Audries Prize at the Royal College of Organists. An accomplished organist and keen bell ringer. Produced the St Audries Chant Book in 1920.

Midshipman Charles Alexander John Acland Hood Reynardson

K.I.A. Aboard HMS Invincible at the Battle of Jutland

Lord Heathfield George Augustus Elliot

In 1775 George Augustus Eliott, Lord Heathfield (1717 - 1790), was appointed Governor of Gibraltar. During the siege of 1779-83 he held the British fortress against Spanish attack, and was made Baron Heathfield 6 July 1787.

George Augustus Eliott 1717-1790
Formed the regiment (the King's Light Dragoons or 15th Hussars) in 1759, and commanded until 1789.
Served as a volunteer in the Prussian Army, 1735-6.
Cornet, 2nd Life Guards, 1739 (Present at Dettingen and Fontenoy).
ADC to George II, 1755.
Maj.Gen., 1762 - 2IC of the Cuban Expedition.
CiC Ireland 1774-5
Governor of Gibraltar 1775, defending against D'Arzon and the Spanish 1779-83.
Created Baron Heathfield of Gibraltar 1787.
Nicknamed "Old Cock of the Rock".


Sir Lt. General Francis Augustus Elliot 2nd Bart

Was appointed 20 October 1779 lieutenant colonel of his majesty's forces, and 23 March 1781 lieutenant colonel of the sixth regiment of dragoons. Inherited the Drake estate from his uncle Sir Francis Henry Drake 5th Bart, his mother's brother. When Elliott died in 1813 without issue, his sister Anne Elliot's son Thomas Trayton Fuller claimed the estate. This nephew took on the names Elliott and Drake and so became known as Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller Elliott Drake.

Fellow of the Royal Society 02/03/1809

William Eliott

Merchant of London. d.s.p.

Gilbert Eliott


Charles Eliott

Attorney General of North Carolina, American Colonies. Buried in the church yard, Episcopal Church, Newburn, North Carolina, USA. d.s.p.

Capt. Eliott Eliott RN

Died at Sea aboard the H.M.S. Lively

Gavin Eliott

Captain of East Indian Trading Ship. d.s.p.

Sir Francis Henry Drake 5th Bart

Member of Parliament from Bere Allston, Ranger of Dartmoor, Comptroller of Board of Green Cloth.
Died without issue so the Baronetcy became extinct. Left a will bequeathing his estate to Francis Augustus Elliott, son of his sister Anne Pollexfen Drake and George Augustus Elliot. This was in violation of the express provisions of the will of Sir Francis, second baronet.

John Trayton Fuller

"During Eliott's absence in Gibraltar - and also after his return when he live mainly in London - the family association with Bayley Park [now Heathfield Park] was maintained by his daugher Anne who in 1776 become the second wife of John Trayton Fuller...Eliott paid a dowry of £3000, and promised a further similar sum on his death, in the meantime making a substantial loan of £15,000 to his son-in-law. The newly-married couple move into Bayley Park where they had seven children in quick succession- Augustus Eliot (June 1777), Elizabeth Ann (July 1780), Francis John (March 1782), Sarah Maria (April 1783), Thomas Trayton (February 1785), William Stephen (March 1788) and Rose Henry (March 1789).
Heathfield Park: A private estate and a Wealden Town, Roy Price 1996, pp. 72.

Anne Elliot

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, March 5, 1835; Issue 3622.

DIED - On Tuesday the 24th Feb., at her seat Ashdown House, Sussex, at an advanced age the Honorable Mrs. Fuller, only daughter of the Right Honorable George Augustus Lord Heathfield, and Mother of Sir Trayton Eliott Drae, Bart; this Lady was lineally descended from Sir Francis Drake, the first Circumnavigator.

Francis John Fuller

Officer of 20th Dragoons. Died unmarried.

Sarah Maria Fuller

Memorial: To the honour of God and in memory of Sarah Maria Fuller, daughter of John Trayton Fuller Esqre and the Hon. Ann Fuller. She died May 2nd 1845 aged 63. The gift of her brother Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller Eliott Drake Bart 1867

Cordelia Eleanor Fuller

Died unmarried.

Louise Sophia Fuller

Died unmarried.

Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller Eliott Drake 5th Bart

Inherited the Drake estate from his mother's brother, Francis Augustus Elliott. He assumed the surname Elliott Drake. He was created baronet August 22, 1821. Since Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller Elliot Drake also died without issue, the estate passed to his nephew, Francis George Augustus Fuller.

Deputy Lieutenant for Devon. Was army officer and served in the Penninsular War. Major of the 52nd Regiment or Oxfordshire Light Infantry. Residences: 42 St. James Street, London SW and Nutwell Court. - County Families of the United Kingdom 1863
Sheriff for Devonshire, 1822.

Devon: - Parish Registers Burials. Volume 3. Pedigree of the Drakes of Buckland Abbey. County: Devonshire Country: England The second Lord Heathfield dying unmarried in 1813 his sister became his heir, and her third son Thomas Trayton Fuller, was ultimately the owner of Buckland Abbey, and resided at Nutwell Court, in the parish of Woodbury. Mr. Fuller, who as an officer in the army served with distinction during the Peninsular war assumed by sign manual, under the settlement of Sir Francis Henry Drake, Bart., the additional surnames and arms of Eliott and Drake, and was himself created a Bart. 22 Aug 1821 with remainder, failing male issue, to his brothers William Stephen Fuller and Rose Henry Fuller. Sir Trayton, as he was usually styled, married 05 Aug 1819 Eleanor, only daughter of James Halford, Esq. of Laleham, Middlesex; she died in 1841 , without issue, Sir Trayton survived until the 06 Jun 1870 , when he had attained the ripe age of 85, having been born 18 Feb 1785. He was succeeded in his title and estates by his nephew, only son of his brother Captain Rose Henry Fuller, R.N., who had predeceased him in 1860. Sir Francis George Fuller, second and present Bart., was born 24 Dec 1837 , and was a Captain in the Royal Horse Guards; on the 03 Oct 1870 he assumed by Royal Licence the surname and arms of Eliott and Drake. He is the present owner of the ancient abbey of Buckland, but resides at Nutwell Court. He married in 1861 Elizabeth, daughter of the late Sir Robert Douglas, Bart., of Glenbervie, and has had issue a daughter, Elizabeth Beatrice who married at S. Paul's, Knightsbridge, 22 Jun 1887 , The Hon. John Reginald Upton Colborne, eldest son of James, second Baron Seaton, of Seaton, in this county.

Lieutenant 52nd Regiment 5 October 1804,Major 26 May 1814 to 25 May 1815; served in the Peninsular War; succeeded in 1813 to the estates of his uncle, Francis Augustus,2nd Baron Heathfield, and assumed by Royal Licence dated 31 March 1813, the additional surnames and arms of Eliott and Drake;created a Baronet 22 August 1821; High Sheriff for co.Devon 1822.


Eleanor Halford

Died without issue.