Genealogy of John "Mad Jack" Fuller


Sarah Fuller

"Sara WASSE or WACE to whom Administration of an Estate was granted since her brothers were ' across the sea ' and presumed dead in 1634 , but one appears in England on 02 Feb. 1643/44 ".
pedegree, Bev Geisler

Rev. George Lewis

Owner of School Hill House, Lewes between 1745 - 1753. Source: asa shiffner
Received a legacy of 500 Pounds from Rev. John Wenham of Hamsey. Souce: Derek Wenham

Frances White

Owned Park Gate, Catsfield after the death of her husband Thomas until at least 1740.

Life in Catsfield 1800-1910: History on our Doorstep - Chapter 3 Later 18th & 19th Century Landowners by Don Phillips, pp 9.

Dr. Peter White

They owned No. SHR/33 High Street (now called School Hill House), Lewes, in right of which the family had a seat in the chancel of All Saints church.

A2A Shiffner

Susan Tattersall

Shiffner Archives gives date of death as 1754
Unknown source gives date of death as 1756

School Hill House 1735

asa shiffner

also Tettersel
asa shiffner

Johnathan Rose

London merchant who did trade with Jamaica in the late 1600s.

Sir Hans Sloane Bart

Hans Sloane, the youngest son of Alexander and Sarah, became a physician and attained distinction in his profession. He presided for several years over the College of Physicians and in 1716 was created a Baronet by King George I. Sir Hans married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Langley, Alderman of London and the widow of Fulke Rose, of Jamaica. Sir Hans, left only female issue, two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Fellow of the Royal Society 21 January 1685

Hans Sloane

Died in infancy. d.s.p.

Mary Sloane

Died in infancy. d.s.p.

Andrew Langley


Phillip Langley


William Langley


Samuel Langley


James Langley


Col Sir Hans Sloane MP

Member for Newport (Isle of Wight) in 1768. From 1770 to 1782, he was Hans Stanley's deputy as Cofferer of the Household. Sloane was later also MP for Southampton from 12 Sep 1780 to 1784, Christchurch from 1788 to 1796 and Lostwithel Cornwall, a rotten borough, from 1796 to 1802, and a junior Lord of Trade from 1780 to 1782 (when he lost office with the fall of Lord North's government)

Alexander Sloane


Henry Sloane


Robert Sloane


John Sloane